The University of Ibadan has high Standards and therefore certain reguirements need to be met in order for an unconditional offer of admissions to be given. This page is available in printable format. Please contact the school directly for more details

Joint Matriculation Examinations

Admission through the JME for Preliminary Courses is available in all the Faculties except Law.

  • The General Entry Requirements is that candidates have credits in five relevant subjects at not more than two sittings.
  • Credit pass in English Language and Mathematics is compulsory for admission into all Faculties, but a pass in Mathematics shall be allowed in the case of Faculty of the Social Sciences for all courses except Economics where a credit in Mathematics is compulsory. Candidates seeking Admission into the Faculties of Arts, Law and Education for Art based teaching subjects need not pass Mathematics. Teachers Grade Two Certificates is not accepted.
  • Candidates with OND or equivalent qualification are admitted direct (without examination) into the Preliminary courses for Agriculture and Forestry, Veterinary Medicine and Technology.
  • Candidates must not be less than 16 years of age on 1st October of the year of admission.

Direct Entry

Credit in English Language is compulsory. Degrees of Universities recognized by the University for this purpose. Basic Requirements are as in the General Entry Requirements. Specific College and Faculty requirements should however be consulted.


Faculty Requirements

1. Faculty of Arts: At least four other ‘0’ Level subjects provided the five subjects are passed at not more than two sittings (in accordance with the University regulations) relevant to the Course of Study (or their equivalents) as approved for inclusion in the G.C.E.

2. Faculty of Science: Requirements, i.e., 5 creditg at the ‘0’ Level or equivalent including English Language and 3 approved Science subjects, one of which must be Mathematics.

3. College of Medicine: ‘0’ Level credit pass in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

4. Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry: Ordinary Level credit passes in English Language and Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry are compulsory both at Prelim and Direct Entry Levels.

5. Faculty of The Social Sciences: At least a pass in Mathematics and a credit pass in English Language or an equivalent qualification will be required of ALL candidates seeking admission to the Faculty of Social Sciences. However, candidates seeking admission into Economics must have a credit pass in Mathematics.

6. Faculty of Education: NCE holders must have 3 ‘0’ Level subjects including English Language. The Diploma of the University or any other recognized Institutions plus five ‘0’ Level credits or five merits in Teachers’ Grade II Certificate, including English Language, obtained between 1967 and 1981. A credit pass in English Language at the GCE Ordinary Level is required for all courses. Also, Ordinary Level credit passes should include Mathematics for candidates offering Education. Science or Social Sciences subjects, except that an ordinary pass in Mathematics may be accepted for Geography and Political Science.

7. Veterinary Medicine: ‘0’ Level credit pass in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

8. Faculty of Technology: ‘0’ Level credit pass in English Language, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry is compulsory plus any other one subject as listed in the regulation.

9. Faculty of Law: ‘0’ Level credit in English is compulsory plus a good first degree from any University recognised by Senate.


The following are the approved subjects for Matriculation:

Subjects Level



Agricultural Science O, A
Applied Electricity O
Arabic (Classical) O, A
Art O
Auto Mechanics O
Basic Electronics O
Bible Knowledge O
Biology O, A
Biology (Alt. Syllabus) O
Business Management A
Business Method O
Chemistry O, A
Chemistry (Alt. Syllabus) O
Classical Civilisation O
Clothing &Textiles O
Commerce O
Economics O, A
Economic History A
Elementary Surveying O
English Language O
English Literature A
Foods and Nutrition O
French O, A
General Paper (General Studies) A
General Science O
General Science (Additional) O
Geography O, A
Ghanian Language (Ewe, Fante, Ga, Twi) O
Government O, A
Greek O
Health Science O
History O, A
Home Management O
Islamic Religious Knowledge O
Italian O
Latin O, A
Law O, A
Literature in English O
Logic O
Mathematics (Traditional) O, A
Modern Mathematics O
Mathematics (Additional) O
Modern Mathematics (Additional) O
Metal Work O
Music O, A
Nigerian Languages (Efik, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba) O
Physics O, A
Physics (Alt. Syllabus) O
Physics-with-Mathematics A
Principle of Accounts O
Psychology O
Religious Studies (Christian, Islamic) A
Shorthand O
Sociology O, A
Statistics O
Technical Drawing (Building & Mechanical) O
Typewriting O
West African Languages (Ewe, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Akan) A
Woodwork O

NOTE: O = School Certificate / GCE Ordinary Level A = GCE Advanced Level


Transfer Candidates transferring from other Universities will be required to hold the minimum qualifications for entry into the University and to complete the application for transfer form available on payment, from the Admissions Officer, University of Ibadan.


(1) Centre for External Studies The Centre provides the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Degree courses for External students.

(a) Courses Available
First degree course (by direct entry) for the Bachelor of Library Science (BLS) degree and B.Ed degree in the following Departments:

  • Adult Education
  • Special Education
  • Educational Management - One Teaching Subject Guidance & Counselling
  • Physical & Health Education — With two teaching subjects (Physical Education & Health Education)
  • Teacher Education — With two Teaching Subjects The following Teaching Subjects are available:
    History, Geography, Religious Studies, Mathematics, Arabic Language & Literature, Yoruba, Islamic Studies, Physical Education , Language, Arts, Health Education, Pre-primary & Primary Education (only in the Department of Teacher Education with one teaching subject selected from the list above).
(b) Entry Requirements The following are eligible to be considered for admission to degree courses in the University: 1. Holders of the N.C.E. or its equivalent (but not GCE A/L or H.S.C). Candidates must have credit passes in WASC or merit or credit passes in TC.II (obtained between 1967 and 1981) in English Language and four other relevant subjects (i.e. matriculating subjects details of which are in the University calendar - 1980 edition page 78 - 79).

(2) Holders of the relevant Diploma of the University of Ibadan or any recognised University would also be considered provided they have the relevant credit/merit passes in WASC/TC.II.

(3) Candidates seeking admission to the Department of Educational Management must have credit in English Language, Mathematics and Economics in addition to two other subjects in WASC/GCE ‘0’ Level.
Duration of Course - 5 Years The mode of study will be by correspondence. Students will therefore study at home, and will be required to be in residence only for a maximum period of three weeks for revision and examination, Study Centres are located in nearby towns, i.e., Ado-Ekiti, Benin-city, Kano, Lagos and Port-Harcourt to enable students consult with tutors.